UNIVERSAL FOOD COVERAGE, a game-changing idea? 

A grand narrative to steer game-changing options to transform the global food system to feed people within planetary boundaries The 2019 United Nations General Assembly had for the first time a dedicated focus… Continue reading

How did people value food prior to the COVID-19? the importance of narratives

Food is a life enabler with multiple meanings. From the industrial revolution to date, those meanings have been superseded by its commodity dimension. In this research, the commodification of food is presented as… Continue reading

A Binding Food Treaty: a post-MDG proposal worth exploring

“Between the strong and the weak, between the rich and the poor, it is freedom which oppresses and the law which sets free”  Henri-Dominique Lacordaire (1802-1861) “The law stands between food availability and… Continue reading


Conclusions and recommendations from the analysis of existing food security, food sovereignty and right to food laws in the region. Full text can be accessed here: (in ResearchGate) Laws with different nature: “programmatic” laws… Continue reading

Aspirational Activism is urgently needed: the Zero Hunger possible utopia from Guatemala to the world

I am convinced the public nutrition workers and anti-hunger professionals need to adopt an activist attitude against hunger, either as academics, journalists, policy makers or entrepreneurs, because we cannot remain neutral or detached… Continue reading


Guest Post by Claudio Schuftan, People’s Health Movement (Ho Chi Minh City) Claudio is third from top right (cschuftan@phmovement.org) WHEN PEOPLE SUFFER FROM HUNGER, THEY ARE NOT ONLY SUBJECTED TO A FOOD DEFICIT… Continue reading

From corporate nutrition to public nourish

In order to appease the unsustainable eating habits of millions of the so-called sovereign consumers (easily manipulated by the Big Agri-food industry and public relations specialists), humans are eating this planet far beyond… Continue reading

The radical idea of food as a commons: a worthy nutritional utopia

Life is priceless but life-sustaining resources are not. They used to be all along history but not anymore in our price-tag society that wants to privatize every single tangible and intangible resource for… Continue reading

ACTION REQUIRED: Questionnaire on Food Valuation and contemporary food initiatives for my PhD

The current food system is in transition largely due to paramount external forces (natural and man-made) and internal ones (eating habits). The way we perceive and value food will determine the path we… Continue reading

World hunger figures: nothing to celebrate for Post-2015

During 2014, millions of people will say or write that we are 842 million hungry people in this planet, thanks to the FAO world hunger figures, still the main reference worldwide. The FAO… Continue reading