ACTION REQUIRED: Questionnaire on Food Valuation and contemporary food initiatives for my PhD


The current food system is in transition largely due to paramount external forces (natural and man-made) and internal ones (eating habits). The way we perceive and value food will determine the path we will pursue on that transition towards more sustainable and fairer food systems. The current narrative sees food as a private good that shall have a cheap price so as to guarantee access to all. But there are other ways to guarantee access to food.

If you are working, organizing or participating in any food-related initiative anywhere in the world, either as a private company, a public officer, an alternative food network or a self-organized collective action,  I would welcome your responses to this online questionnaire. I am interested to know how do people value food and what do they think about their food-related activities.

LINK TO QUESTIONNAIRE: Food Dimensions in Food-related Initiatives

Please, fill the questionnaire and then write me back with your comments and feelings.

best regards

Jose Luis Vivero Pol

PhD research fellow, Universite catholique de Louvain