the Man behind the Blog

Anti-hunger and social rights activist with fourteen years of experience on Food Security Policies and Programmes, Right to Food advocacy, Nutrition interventions and Food Sovereignty in Latin America, Africa and the Caucasus. Nowadays, I enjoy a PhD research period on Global Food Governance and Transition towards Sustainable Food Systems in the Université Catholique de Louvain, under the guidance of Prof. Olivier de Schutter.

I worked for the European Commission, FAO and NGOs such as Action Against Hunger and the Red Cross, having lived in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chile, Georgia, Ethiopia and Kenya. My impetus to mobilise political will led me to develop the regional “Hunger-free Latin America and the Caribbean” Initiative as well as being the masterminder and founding member of the Chair on Hunger and Poverty Studies of the University of Cordoba. Actually, I love lecturing in general and on food and hunger issues in particular, so I highly enjoyed my lectures in universities of Europe and Latin America. I also like writing and that hobby has yielded 5 books on food security, right to food and biodiversity conservation, plus 20 book chapters and 4 papers in peer-reviewed journals. The book I am most proud of is the Field Guide of Endemic Birds of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Just to end, my academic background is Agricultural Engineering (University of Cordoba) with post-graduate studies in Development, Management of Natural Protected Areas, Geopolitics and Food Security in Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. My passions are botany, ornithology, medieval history, genalogy, racket sports and traveling and living in countries rather different from my own.

I will be extremely happy to exchange with anyone interested on food and hunger issues and to think on how to rebuild a food secure world for everybody. Eating is a human right and food a basic need.