Debt Cancellation for Anti-hunger Programmes: ancient money for ancient problems

Picture: 1 billion USD Although I know that Debt Swap Schemes are not new at all and creditor countries have succeeding in getting the debt issue outside the limelight of financing mechanisms –… Continue reading

Features of the Food Treaty: ending hunger and obesity by the rule of law

Today, I´ll briefly summarised the most important features of the Food Treaty proposal, so as let you know its singularity and powerful hand. I´ll use bullets to facilitate the reading, so this post… Continue reading

A Food Treaty to secure food for all in the future

“Between the strong and the weak, it is freedom which oppresses and the law which sets free”  Henri-Dominique Lacordaire More than 4 billion people in the world eat in ways that damage their… Continue reading

Bread is not coal: Food out of WTO and a binding Food Treaty under the post-MDG Consensus

  The difficulties encountered during the Doha Round at the World Trade Organization (WTO) have made imperative a new debate on global food politics and the perverse effects of the current food production… Continue reading